Accident analyst

About me

Rob Bowden is a retired Police Officer with over 20 years of experience. He has worked as a Police Detective and Traffic Enforcement Officer. Rob investigated hundreds of accidents involving a variety of vehicles, along with bicycles and pedestrians. He assessed factors such as speed, skids, direction of travel, at fault parties, and the primary collision factor.

He has testified in court for over 20 years. When testifying, Rob educates the court about how evidence supports the causation of accidents and sequence of events.

During his career, Rob was part of the Major Accident Investigation Team (M.A.I.T) within the Huntington Beach Police Department where he responded to major vehicular accidents involving great bodily injury or death. Rob's involvement with this specialized unit included documenting & investigating these scenes.

Rob has been involved in high performance driving as an amateur racer for over 15 years. This includes track, high speed competitions, and quarter mile races. This experience has allowed Rob to gain a deeper level of understanding of vehicle components and mechanics.

What can I do for you?


Review of traffic collision & Officer reports

Compile comprehensive report for court and case files

Determine primary collision factor(s)/at-fault party

Courtroom testimony as expert witness

Industry Expertise

20+ Years as Law Enforcement Officer

8+ Years as Motor Officer specializing in accident reports & investigations

Police Detective

Major Accident Investigations Team

20+ Years experience in courtroom testimony

Discover more about your case

Collision Sequence

Get clarification or ascertain in what sequence vehicles collided

Skid Mark analysis/Speed Estimates

Understand how fast a vehicle was traveling prior to collision.

Primary Collision Factor(s)

Discover the primary cause or causes of the collision

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